• Professional Instructional Design

    We help businesses design, develop, and deliver custom learning programs.  Specializing in the development of E-learning and blended learning programs, we believe each client and project is a unique opportunity for a business to make a valuable impression through effective instruction. We’d love to talk with you about your next learning initiative.

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Instructional Design?

Instruction Design is the process by which instructional materials are designed, developed, and delivered. What we do is often also described as Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, Curriculum Design, and Instructional Systems Design. One way or another, we help organizations create effective tools for learning.

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With 25+ years experience across multiple business sectors, we can provide both overall training and curriculum development as well as technical design and development expertise. Our experience allows us to bring together the relevant ideas, materials, and technology for your project.

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We understand how businesses work, and that different organizations and their audiences have different needs, budgets, and requirements. Getting to the heart of an organizations goals is key to creating a great curriculum and delivering successfully.

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On Topic

We create educational programs for pharmaceutical and product sales; customer service; compliance; technical; professional skills; software; onboarding; health and safety; wellness; counselor and coach training; manager/leadership development; faculty development; procedures and policies; MBA business school courses; presentation skills; product launch and others

  • We've engaged Karen and her team for a variety of projects and are always delighted by the unique perspective and professionalism. - 'Gary K.'
  • The skills, quality, and professionalism of an Instructional Designer become immediately apparent the moment a program becomes 'live'. Karen's work is engaging and effective - there is no better testimonial. - 'Irena C.'
  • When we were asked to write a testimonial, the only think I could think of was that five years later, we're still using Karen's work virtually unchanged. - 'Barbara C.'